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V_Bot is a giant super hero with unstoppable power. Transforming from a sleek sports car to a massive robot at the push of a button, V_BOT performs hundreds of action moves and has all the tools needed to battle evil and save the day. After all that hard work, plug in your MP3 player and watch V_BOTís fun and friendly personality shine as he celebrates victory to your favorite tunes.

Automatically transforms from a sleek car into a robot at the push of a button

Perform over 100 action moves including the "V_Chop"

Full function RC vehicle and robot

MP3 plug in allows you to play your favorite tunes from your MP3 player

Remote control has 6 action buttons to perform individual moves and 3 pre-programmed action sequence buttons

Requires 6 C cell batteries to operate, and 1 9 volt battery to operate the controller